One of the great things about going to a wedding is just chatting with people, socialising and having a drink. So for most weddings, inviting the people that you care about is all you need.

But sometimes it can be good to add some entertainment as well. Either to fill in a bit of time, or maybe for your guests to enjoy throughout the day.

Here at The Little Photo Firm, we've shot lots of weddings and we've seen some amazing entertainment ideas from our couples.

If you're planning your wedding then check out some of the activities below.

You may want to steal some of them for your day!

Outdoor Lawn Games

If your venue has some outdoor space, and the weather is good, then this can be a great option.


This is a great idea for when your guests are milling around and having a drink.

These pictures show some of the awesome reactions.


Having an artist to draw your guests is great fun. Plus it gives them something unique to take home as well.

Dressing Up Props

You don’t have to go for full-blown fancy dress.

Even a few little things can make sure that your guests look as daft as possible.

Indoor Games

Not everyone has the space and the budget for something this big.

But they are great fun if you can squeeze them in.

A Quiz

You can write a quiz that covers your family, or your hometown, or how you met etc.

The teams could be the tables and you could prepare a prize that's as awesome (or as naff) as you like!

Henna Artist

This is a fun one for kids and adults alike.

Photo Booth

You have a lot of choices with photo booths: big ones, small ones, print-outs, magic mirrors.

But they all have one thing in common: you get to keep the evidence!

Mechanical Bull

Hardly worth mentioning this old cliche!


This is an awesome way to end your evening, especially for a winter wedding.

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