Whether it's part of your ceremony, reception or evening do, music can play a big part in your wedding if you want.

There are a few ideas below for singers, musicians and dances.

Singing waiters or waitresses

This is a great surprise for your guests (and maybe your spouse!)

It's a great way to liven up your wedding meal.

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A ceilidh dance is a great way to bring your wedding guests together (and a lot of fun too, whether you're doing it right or wrong.)

Solo Musician

A solo musician can provide a beautiful accompaniment to your ceremony, or during reception drinks.

It can be a friend or family member, or one of the amazing professional musicians that you can book.


There's nothing quite like the stirring tones of a bagpipe to announce your arrival.


This can be a lively way to enter for your wedding breakfast and entertain your guests during your meal.

Watch out for spontaneous dancing happening!